Katie Schiller


Katie is a New York based filmmaker who currently works in development at First Look Media's Topic Studios. Katie has directed, produced, and assistant directed a number of professional and independent projects ranging from short films and branded content to feature-length productions. Most of Katie’s work engages with queerness and the coming-of-age narrative. Katie is obsessed with stories that involve secrets, confessions, and reconciliations. Katie’s short film “Swallowing Ants,” a hyperbolic retelling of her coming-out story, was an official selection at the Boston Wicked Queer Film Festival and her most recent film, “Dressed,” about an 8-year-old who challenges the expectations of being a flower girl, is currently entering the festival circuit. Katie is an alumna of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

[image: Photography by Megan Doherty]
Still from “The Bisexual” - Tonal inspiration for the film

Still from “The Bisexual” - Tonal inspiration for the film

Hugo Lau


Hugo is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he studied English Literature and Theatre Studies. He is currently working in documentary film production, and volunteering with CVTC. Hugo wrote Tomorrow Tomorrow on a bus from D.C. to New York, after listening to Summertime Gladness by Dance Gavin Dance; he wrote Tomorrow Tomorrow because he is fascinated by the struggle of doctors; because he felt delighted and disjointed by the sudden, awesome movement towards gender neutrality, and the backlash against it; because he wanted to share a story that represented people who do not identify with either gender; because there are things he does not like about his generation; because no one ever talks about death; and because he thought you might like it.

Still from “The Mountains of Mourne” - Tonal inspiration for the film

Still from “The Mountains of Mourne” - Tonal inspiration for the film

Yael Elisheva


Yael is an actor, teacher, and director. Previous film credits include Siv in Here We Wait (multi award winning web series), Layla in When the Lights Go Out (short), Ava in MIRL (mocu web series), and Simone in Mini Fridge (web series). Yael is also a Teaching Artist with Drama Club NYC and teaches acting/improv class to incarcerated youth. She is delighted that Tomorrow Tomorrow is working with Drama Club and The Door, and urges you to type into your phone right now to find out more.

Kat Cameron


Kat is a successful gaffer-turned-producer. Having worked years as a crew member, she now uses that knowledge to provide better work experiences for everyone involved. As a dance film artist, Kat has brought many stories and ideas to the screen as a producer, DP, and choreographer. She recently worked on the feature film, Centigrade, with Phiphen Pictures, and in her free time Kat continues to produce site-specific dances for herself and the people of NYC.

Photography by  Megan Doherty

Photography by Megan Doherty

Mission Statement

To create a space where talented, diverse artists can collaborate and be heard.

To support humane organizations within our community.

To tell a timely and timeless story.

To provoke as well as entertain.